Mugen Karate Summer Tournament 2013

The Mugen Karate 2013 Summer Karate Tournament was held this time at the Tsukishima Sports Plaza.
A place most of us know well and it was fantastic to be back there again this year.

This the tournament comprised of both team and individual events. It was wonderful to watch and participate in both categories and hope we do this again another time. So many people did well in the individual matches and it was emotional to see the fighting spirit in everyone.

The team events was also very special and packed with a lot of special moments and lots of laughter.
Not as serious as the individual matches, but there so much support and cheering from everyone. These moments are always the best and it does not matter if you Win or lose. Yamaguchi-sensei says as long as you try your best and he will always continue support and help you.

The event day was a safe and enjoyment time for everyone and we thank Yamaguchi-Sensei again for organizing a memorable day for everyone.