2015 March 1st Mugen Kai Tournament

The first Mugen Kai for 2015 was held at the Sogo Sports Plaza in Nihonbashi.

There were again many participants especially kids and many who turned up to support the wonderful event.

There were so many fantastic moments and all driven by Yamaguchi-Sensei motivating words of “Fair play”.

Though a tournament is a place to compete and to win, we see much more than that in the Mugen Kai tournaments.

It is more of place to support each other and a place to respect and thank your opponent as without them we would not be at the level we are at.

Win or not, everyone walks away learning something new about themselves and having an enjoyable time.

Thank you so much again to Yamaguchi-Sensei and all the people who assisted in making another successful and soulful event.