2019 Katana Tournament

We had another memorable event last Sunday with the 2019 Mugen Ryu Katana Tournament at the Chuo Sports Center. With a record participant count of over 130 students, the tournament I have to say was extremely well organized and ended with no injuries at all. Very impressive was seeing how so many kids, especially the beginners performing cartwheel and almost vertical high kicks, something us adults aspire do. 

It was also great to see so many adults participants doing so well with so much laughter and banter. Whether win or lose, all walked away enjoying themselves with so many good memories.  

Thank you to Yamaguchi-Sensei, Suzuki-Sensei, and Toni-Sensei for organizing another successful Katana Tournament. We all look forward to the next Katana Taikai in 2020 which I am sure will be extremely exciting.