Spring Grading

Last Sunday was the 2017 Spring Grading at the Aoyama Dojo. The day started with kids testing in two sessions based on age groups. It was so exciting to watch and very moving to feel all the emotion coming from kids cheering loudly. Seeing kids trying so hard for their next belts and to improve is very motivating and it’s even more wonderful to see them when they are well behaved.

In the afternoon we had the adults grading and that also was very exciting. We had nice surprises from the performances of many students. As Yamaguchi-Sensei predicted, there were many nice surprises from students trying out. 

Thank you to Yamaguchi-Sensei again who is always putting his heart and soul into helping us improve when in and outside the dojo. He is always guiding with powerful expressions especially that of ‘Sei Ippai’ which means of course doing your absolute best no matter what. Not only does he say this to us - he leads it best by example.