2014 Summer Shibuya Shinsa

Today was the very first time for grading at the new Shibuya Dojo and it truly was a great location for both students and supporters. It is always fantastic to see students trying their best to perform and support.
And with this brand new location I am sure everyone had an enjoyable and learning experience.

The whole day was divided into categories from young kindergarten kids, right up to adults.
Everyone did so well and there were no failures or injuries.

As always, I thank Yamaguchi-Sensei for organizing such a wonderful and safe time for all of us.
We walk away with so many things we can take into our personal and professional lives,
I believe the biggest takeaway is that it teaches us to always try our best in whatever we decide we want to do.
As Yamaguchi-Sensei always reminds us, having skill is great but having effort is even greater.

This is Soul Karate, this is Mugen Karate.