2017 Fall Shinsa Aoyama Dojo

Last weekend's grading at the Aoyama Dojo was another very good one for all attendees.

Yamaguchi-Sensei made it very clear that next level belts are not obtainable unless one tries hard not just in the grading test itself but one must try hard in practice and also to attend practice regularly. 

There was a good opening speech regarding the difference between a grading and a tournament. Yamaguchi-Sensei explains that a tournament is performing to get to the top and a grading is performing to show all skill sets learned in classes. He stresses things that never change in either event are aspects like Jimbi (preparing well) and trying hard. We all have imperfections but the most important thing he kindly reminds us is that we continue to work on it. Continuity and effort are the most important aspects of success.

Congratulations to all whole participate during the grading and special congratulations to all those who passed to get their well-deserved black belts.