2015 Mugenryu Embukai

The 2015 Mugenryu Embukai (Karate Exibition) was held at the Bunkyuku Civic Center.

There was a lot of pressure building up for this event as all participants had difficult performances and had to practice so hard to deliver their best.

We had a so many different performances for kids to adults and all did so well.

My most inspiring moment was when Yamaguchi-Sensei told us "Perfection is not as important as effort". We as human's will make mistakes but the effort and hardship experience outweights any "perfect" result.

I agree with Yamaguchi-Sensei, I don't want it easy. I want it hard, I want the struggle and I want the pain because I know at the end it well feel good no matter what the result is.


Mugen Karate Kids Performance at the Kono Hachimangu Matsuri 2015 September 19

Today we had a great performance at the performance at the Kono Hachimangu Matsuri.

Participating were many Mugen Kai kids from all ages.

It was an exhibition of Nunchaku, Tofu, Bo stick and of course kihon.

Kids did so well and the large crowd who were watching very inspired by it.

Another great day for Mugen Kai Karate thanks to the guidance of Yamaguchi-Sensei.