Final Challenge 2011

Today was the last of the Mugen Grading Tests for this year. It really was a very intense and emotional time for everyone. Today's black belt challenge was Nozawa-san. He fought extremely well in all his 10 rounds with the line up he was up against. Also today we saw many white belt challenges, though showing their nerves, they all did so well especially in the 'Kihon' I must say.

Anounced today was assignment Hotta-san who will join Mugen Ryu Karate as staff and also with the anouncement from Ken Shida that Shidax will be involved heavily in promoting kids karate with advisory input from Yamaguchi-sensei. This is wonderful news and I look forward to the advancements of Mugen Ryu Karate to the youth of Japan.

Congratulations to all challengers today and thank you so much again to Yamaguchi-sensei for helping us all realize that anything is possible so long as you believe in yourself and are showered with support from your fellow friends and family.