June 19th Mengenryu Karate Katana Tournament

Last Sunday’s Mugen Ryu Katana tournament was made more special this time due to the fact that it was Fathers’ Day. The amount of support given by parents to their children at such events is always immense. There are many fathers (and mothers) who practice Karate but the opportunity to participating together in the same Ryuha makes it an even more special place. It was heart warning to see all the fathers hold their kids and offeringg words of support. Everyone did so well and most importantly everyone had a good time being together.

In competitions and also in regular life, fighting and competing brings the best out of all of us. We have to learn what we are fighting for and often that is not just ourselves but for others around us.  Thank you as always to Yamaguchi-Sensei who is always reminding us to think about the opponents feelings whether you win or whether you lose. The Japanese expression “Aite no Kimochi” is something very special and something we should always consider in life.  Directly translated it means “Feelings of the Opponent” but what it really means “feelings of others”. To be a better person is to have considerations for others before putting yourself first.

I will let my photos tell the rest of that story.