Grading Day (Kuramae Dojo)

The 2011 Spring Grading was held at the Kuramae dojo. It was great to see everyone and be amoungst all the cheering. So much of this is about trying your best and supporting everyone around you. It makes a huge difference when everyone is behind you. Good to see many international members also today all trying their best and all enjoying themselves. I congratulate all the students who were tested for their black belts today. It's always a very emotional time to see people reach a wonderful milestone. As Yamaguchi-sensei always says, this is a wonderful journey you take and it never ends.  With the support of all your family and friends , you just keep moving forward and look ahead to find what you are looking for.


Fight For Japan

With so many families and friends who came to show their support for the orphans of Fukushima, it really was a truly special moment.

Thank you to Yamaguchi-sensei who gave a great introduction lesson to all the adults and children. To be able to practice and communicate so closely made it a really enjoyable time.

Thank you to Shida Shacho (Shidax) who came to open the event with a very emotional and supportive speech.

Thank you everyone for coming and contributing in today's charity karate event. You make a difference so please keep fighting for Japan!


"Fight for Japan" - Charity Karate Event (April 17th)

Don't forget this Sunday from 15:00 we will hold the Fight for Japan Charity event in the Azabu Juban branch. All are welcome so please do not hesitate to even just come and donate. We hope to raise money help support the children who lost their parents. Please come and please give. We all need to take action.


Hurts more not trying

For the first time I started speaking English in the Dojo. It's quite an odd feeling to be speaking my native language there when for the past one and a half years I have been using only Japanese. Others are taken off guard by it but I think it's really needed. We need to adapt in our lives to all challenges and becoming complacent with anything is just taking the easy road. So next time I see you at practice don't be scared to try out a few English moves on me. It will hurt more not trying..


[Fight For Japan - Charity Karate Event]

Don't forget this Sunday (April 17th from 15:00) is the Mugen Charity Karate event  at the Azabu Juban branch.  Please try to join the event which is open to both students and non students. Donations of 1000 yen or more will go to the poor children who lost their parents after the mass destruction in Fukushima. Please come, please give.

"Fight for Japan" - Charity Karate Event

On April 17th, from 15:00, Mugen Kai Karate (Azabu Juban Branch) will hold a charity karate class for anyone who wants to come.

It will be centered around karate for first timers so can learn the basic techniques and get a good safe work out.

All donations will to go to orphans of Fukushima.

A minimum of 1000 yen is desired but of course would be much appreciated.

We hope you can attend and bringing your family and friends (kids extremely welcome).

Sensei Yamaguchi and Mae-sensei will be teaching so expect to have a really enjoyable time.

To ensure your attendance please mail or call Mugen Karate 03-5856-5575.
I look forward to seeing you there to help fight for the children of Fukushima.