2016 Final Grading Aoyama Dojo

Last Sunday at the Aoyama Dojo was the final grading for this year. Many attended both the kids and the adults sessions and it was again packed full of exciting moment. Everyone performed so well and as always we all walked away having learned so many things.

Throughout the day there was a lot of good advice from Yamaguchi-Sensei. Advice not only for kids but same for adults. I thought most impactful was his comment "Doing karate is not just coming to the dojo to spar and it is not just training hard to be physically strong. It is more training to be strong mentally and to be mature. It is does not just mean being this way in the dojo but  at home, school or at work". Attitude and manner is very important when studying martial especially with Mugen Ryu Karate.

Congratulations to everyone who participated at both the Aoyama and Kuromae Dojo's and a big thank you to Yamaguchi-Sensei, Suzuki-Sensei and all the other assisting instructors for making 2016 a truly wonderful year for practicing Mugen Karate.