We had a large turnout last weekend for the first tournament at of the year.

Divided into two courts this time, many matches could be played with both individual and team events. Everyone did well and had a great time with very little to no injuries suffered.

There were a lot of exciting matches at all levels. All the beginner level kids do so well showing their flexibility and speed by performing so many high and cartwheel kicks, it was truly impressive to see. 

Adults matches were also extremely exciting with some amazing techniques displayed. Though the speed may not be the same as with the younger participants, the power and the timing of many moves were done so well giving good finishing results.

Though it is about winning or losing in a tournament, you really notice that at Mugen Ryu tournaments it is more about support and building strong family relationships.

Thank you to Yamaguchi-Sensei and Suzuki-Sensei again for putting on another wonderful exciting and safe event. We look forward again to the next gathering which I am sure will at another level.