New Kids on the Block

There were many kids today at the Azabu Juban branch for practice. Today, it was Taka-Sensei teaching the class with Mai-sensei assisting.  It was so good to see so all of them trying hard and helping each other out. I notice there are so many new kids members and especially brother and sister teams. Such a wonderful thing to see a many family members and that just shows how much influence Mugen Kai has on that aspect. As with any family, we support each other as much as we can no matter how much sacrifice it takes. We put family members first at all costs. With Mugen Kai it is so similar, we always focus on putting our colleagues first, helping them improve and provide motivation. Support and care is everything and that is why I love the most about being apart of this community.

I will definitely take more 'brother & sister' pictures from now on. For today's class, I managed to get a nice photo of Jason and his younger sister, Nicole as the feature photo. They both are really enjoying themselves at practice and I am sure there is a lot of talk at home regarding Karate since their mom also has recently become a member!


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4th Mugen Karate Exhibition - The trying aspect

I have to say from all the Mugen Karate exhibitions that I have been to, this one has to be the most exciting and thrilling one so far. There were so many wonderful performances from all ages and levels. I am sure it made all parents and friends very proud and I am sure it would be something to talked about for a long time ahead.

There were a lot of great moment during this day, but for me, the one that moved me the most was the pure trying aspect. People not being able to break planks of wood the first time, then seeing them trying and trying over and over again with all the loud support from everyone was the most touching thing. It really shows how strong the community is in helping and supporting each other. No matter where you come from, how old you are, or even how unskilled you think you are, the strongest aspect of it all is the support and friendship you get from this small yet caring community.

I want to say thank you as always to Yamaguchi-sensei for organizing a memorable day for all of us. Thank you to Shidax for sponsoring the whole event and also thank you all the helpers to made it just that much more special.