Final Grading for 2013

The final Mugen Grading for adults was held at the Azabu Juban Dojo and ended successfully with everyone going to the next level. All did so well and with the great amount of training and support provided, those who tried out for black belt all pass. Special congratulations go to Yuriy, Chou-san and Ishigoro-san who all had their own roads leading to this particular day. They all know well that to receive the honorable black belt means a start of a new exciting journey. A big special thank you again to Yamaguchi-Sensei for guiding us all through yet another fantastic year at the Mugen school of Karate.

Hiroo/Azabu Juban Kids Grading Day

Last weekend we had the Hiroo/ Azabu Juban Kids grading at the Azabu Juban Dojo. The grading was divided into three age range groups. It was very compact and all the kids did so well, especially the youngest range group who were all well mannered and tried so hard. Of course all groups had lots of special moments and it was fantastic to see all the cheering and support that was provided by other kids and parents. As Yamaguchi said, being good and skillful is important but believing one is not skilled enough is the best since we strive so much harder to improve ourselves. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, that is human nature and that's what makes us long to grow into becoming a better person.

Congratulations to all the students who did so well today, especially the 3 who passed their black belt test. Also thank you to Yamaguchi-Sensei for helping all the students do so well and to provide so much motivation to go back into the dojo again.