Busy Weekend

On May 28th (Sat) we had the Kuramae kids grading which saw also some students trying out for their black belts. Yamaguchi-sensei and Taka-sensei were at Kuramae dojo for that while Mai-sensei was at the Azabu Juban branch teaching the kids there. All teachers were very busy this weekend - Otsukare sama deshita!
Pictures from Mai-sensei's class.

Mai-sensei (Leading Kihon)

Mai-sensei (More Kihon)

Sophia-chan (One handed cart wheel)

Akira-kun (Meditation practice)

Kids Grading (Azabu Juban) - May 21

The Mugen Karate kids grading was held at the Azabu Juban dojo on Saturday May 21st.
First grading was with the youngest group of kids "Yonen class".
It was great to hear all the little ones yell aloud when doing the Kihon and when sparing.
The level of support they gave each other was fantastic.

As for the regular kids class "Shonen class", you could see how everyone improved so much since the last test. All kids were very focussed and did so well, especially the all girls.
So many of them could kick so high and tried so many different techniques it was great to see!

Kids Grading soon to come

It has been while since taking photos of regular kids class. Today at the Azabu Juban dojo many came to practice and practice hard they did. Yamaguchi-sensei reminded everyone of the grading which will be held at Azabu Juban next Saturday (May 21st) and got all the kids working hard to prepare for that day. All did well today and we look forward to providing support for everyone to be tested next weekend. Good luck to everyone!