Azabu Juban Spring Grading



The grading tests at the Azabu Juban dojo this weekend was truly an emotional time for both kids and adults. There were many fantastic moments in all tests with everyone trying so hard to do their best. With the kids class, it was so touching to see them all trying so hard. Such emotion brought many to tears and it was wonderful to see all the how far people can push themselves.

As for the adults, their grading was after the kids and that also was special with one particular student trying for his black belt with a broken shoulder bone. It truly was a amazing experience to see how much you can push yourself with what little you have. With so much support and believing in himself, Shige did so well to pass.

I thank Yamaguchi-sensei again for helping us all reach yet another level. Not only in strength and skills but in the spirit of fighing for what you want the most.