2012 December 15th - Adults Grading (Azabu Juban)

We had the last grading test for year at the Azabu Juban Dojo last Saturday.
There were many trying out for the next level and it was great to see everyone perform so well.
Of course the main event was the black belt tests. This time we saw 4 great individuals trying out.
Taga-san, Angelo, Tei-san and Yasu-san did so well and all deserved to pass.

It was fantastic to be there so support everyone else who tried out.
It is always an emotional time to be at these grading tests.
You see so many people show their true colors and you see so much support.

Thank you again to Yamaguchi-sensei who is always helping us to get to that next level with great guidance and inspiring lessons. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon to practice hard and enjoy each other’s company.