Sweat and Tears

Today's tournament was surely something to remember for a long time. I have never felt so much emotion and I have never seen so many people cry, it truly was a great day for everyone. Win or lose, it didn't matter. All that mattered was the amount of effort and support everyone gave. There was so much of these two things, it really made the event such a special one.

Congratulations to Miku-chan and Naoka-chan for receiving their black belts today. Both of them really fought so well and deserved it.

Congratulations to all the other kids and adults who won their events. There was so much team effort and friendship building today it really proved that these kind of events are not just about winning. It's about bonding and it's about support for each other efforts and goals.

Thank you to Shidax president Ken Shida and Shidax staff for providing the location and supporting the event . Also thank you to all the helpers and judges for making sure everything went smoothly. And last but not least thank you to Yamaguchi-sensei for organising and producing yet again another wonderful  tournament.