Training Camp

The Mugen Kai Karate training camp this time was something really special. Gathered were kids and adults staying over to train and enjoy the facilities at the Naka Izu Winery training grounds provided by Shidax Corporation. It was really wonderful to be able to be with all the kids this time. So much communication and friendships were built during this weekend. We practiced together, ate together and stayed overnight together. The kids had the wonderful chance to spar with the adults and they all did so well. I am sure they have now fond memories of the times they had with the adults and I am sure the same can be said about the adults.

I'd like to thank again Yamaguchi-sensei for organizing another sucessful traing camp. I am sure it was not easy to be teaching both kids and adults over this time. Thank you to Ken Shida and Shidax for allowing all of us to be able to use the spacious and beautiful facilities. Also thank you to Taka-sensei and Mai-sensei for assisting. We all look forward to the next training camp and know for sure that it will be yet another success.