Ready for Nunchachu?

It was a good practice today at the Azubu Juban dojo. At the lady's class from 11 - 12 we had 2 new joiners whose kids are already members. It is great to see more family members join up. With parents and kids having more in comon, I am sure life at home will become a lot more interesting.

The 12 - 1pm beginners and kids class was full of 'kihon' and 'kata' and that was fantastic. We all need to improve our basic form and movements to be more skilled in karate. There is always so much to learn which makes karate a really enjoyable and fullfilling thing to do.

From 1pm - 2:15pm we had the regular class and many people turned up for that. Again focus was on kihon and some sparing towards the end. We were also very luck enough to have Yamaguchi-sensei demonstrate to us the use of Nunckaku and its kata. Comparing it to what you see on the movies and how you would really use it in karate - very interesting.

For the training camp coming up on Sept 17th / 18th we will also have nunchaku lessons so for those who are going please make sure to order your own set.