December 31st - Year/Eye of the Tiger

It has been a fantastic year. All working hard and all trying their best. But no matter what happens outside whether good or bad, nothing changes when you enter that Mugen-kai dojo. You meet your friends, you focus, you fight and you have fun. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. For the one year I have been a member of Mugen-kai  I have experienced many wonderful things thanks to Yamaguchi-sensei and all the people of the Mugen-kai community. This year of the tiger has supposed to have been a year of bravery, courage and luck. For me and I'm sure many others, it certainly has been a year of luck.  Luck to have found a place that helps you believe in yourself more.

To Yamaguchi-sensei - From all the members of Mugenkai we thank you for being a great teacher, a wonderful mentor and an inspiring leader.