October 28 - Fighters Club # 4

The Fighter Ring

Tonight's training was very focused on techniques. Usually Fighters club has lots of intense drills but today Yamaguchi-sensei helped improve our timing and rhythm with punches and kick. It was much needed!

Yamaguchi-sensei airborn

Fake low kick then to head - very effective when you look down first.

Yosuke-san managed to make it for the training tonight and that made it even more special. With his 8 years of experience every one learned a lot from watching him tonight.

Yamaguchi-sensei was in top form (as always) and yet again a very popular pick in the match sparing.  It's always good to watch him spar especially with opponents much larger than him. Size in this case does not matter!

Yamaguchi-sensei vs Yosuke-san - 3 matches at the end, incredible..

I am truly looking forward to Fighters Club # 5.