Obon Holiday

Congratulations to all who tried out on the grading last sunday at the Kuramae Dojo. Though I could not be there, I heard it went very well. Well I could tell from the classes this week that everyone had improved, especially all the hard working white belt students. Gradings are so important as they help push us hard enough to get to another level within ourselves. Without them there would be less improvement and gratification.

In regards to summer holiday break (Obon), there will be no practices from August 12th (Friday) until August 17th (Wednesday). So the first lessons will start up from August 18th (Thursday).

To Yamaguchi-sensei, Taka-sensei,  and Mai-sensei, please take it nice and slow over the summer break. I have enjoyable time off since you all work so hard to help us all out.  We look forward seeing you all at the next class so take good care.