Hanako and Taro Farewell Training Class

Last weekend Yamaguchi-Sensei organized a special farewell training session and family dinner for the Takahashi kids Hanako, Taro and also Mom Asae-san. They have been always returning back to Japan on a regular basis. With both kids living in New York with busy parents, they always look forward to coming back and to practice karate with other Mugen students. Every year I notice they get bigger and bigger. And every year they become more skilled in martial arts. It is always so nice to see the Takahashi family. Like other Mugen families they are always respectful, polite and just fun to be around. See you next time!

KATANA Tournament

The MugenRyu Katana tournament was held this year again in Hamacho Sports Center.

This time there were two courts to cater for the large number of contestants.

It was a very exciting and safe tournament with everyone enjoying themselves.

Added to the matches were some side exhibitions which were extremely motivating to watch and to learn from.

We saw little toddlers performing and also saw performances from the higher level black belt female students.

All groups did so well and made the tournament very exhilarating.

Yamaguchi-Sensei is always reminding us should you win or lose, you should always think of the opponents feelings and you could sense the amount of respect everyone had for each other after every single match. It was truly a wonderful thinkg to see.

Thank you as always to Yamaguchi-Sensei, Mai-Sensei and Suzuki-Sensei for putting on another fantastic memory day for everyone.