Dec 9th - Fighters Club # 10 - On the ground

Well it's getting close to the year end and so many are celebrating in whatever way they like best. Mugen-karate will celebrate with many events. With the tournament last weekend, with the next grading and with the 108 times sparing event to close the year off. It's going to be a tough to have 108 x 30 second sparing but it will be an excellent challenge to see out 2010.

Fighter's club is coming to an end. The very last one will be next Thursday and will most likely be the most difficult one. I look forward to that gathering and look forward to practicing with everyone else.

Tonight's session was loaded with on the ground work. I have to admit when I first tried grappling and judo style throws I did not like it but now I find it so interesting. Mugen karate is fantastic for teaching you how to apply all parts of your body. Grappling I must say is now one of my favorite things so practice.

Keep it real and on the ground,