Dec 5th - Mugen Tournament

Never have I been to such fun filled wholesome family FIGHT gathering! The Mugen tournament was again another success with lots of laughter and tears. Kids took the show away again. Always great to see the youngest ones going at it. So cute the way they look when Yamaguchi-sensei was refereeing and telling them to kick higher. They all tried so hard to kick and punch but all were looking at Yamaguchi-sense to check if that was the right move every time - so cute.

The look on all kids faces when fighting each other is truly something I cannot describe. And to see  kids cheering each other is so moving. It truly shows the level of support they have for their friends and even for others they do not know.  Mugen-kai is about all of this. To support and help others,  especially for those who aren't as skilled as others.

As for the adults event, it was very nice to see Taka-san's team win. A very strong yet entertaining team. Congratulations team Chocozille! Taka-san also got a special award for being the most dedicated and inspiring competitor. It was wonderful to see him receive that as he truly did stand out the most. Such a hard working student and teacher, he clearly deserves it.

Yamaguchi-sensei and his staff did a great job again for organising a very hectic day. I cannot imagine having to referee every match until the end. A good 6 hours of judging, running around making sure no one gets hurts and scoring is something only the mugen master can do himself.  Thank you Yamaguchi-sensei for letting us all have such a memorable time.

Well, see you again soon at the next tournament but I'll see you in the Dojo before that!