November 28th - Take Note!

Today's Sunday session we had Takeuchi-san and his oldest son join for the first time. It was good to see them practice and spar together. It is very moving to see parent and child sparing. Parents are less forgiving when fighting their own kids but it is natural that they do this as to set higher standards. I love the way Takeuchi-san is always taking notes for each class he goes to. Notes on what things he did well or badly on. It's great to see someone critique themselves like this. A true hard working fighter.

We also practiced also for the tournament next weekend. Grouping up into teams, we spared applying the tournament rules which is only kicking. You would think that people get very serious when on tournament mode but in actual fact it is very light hearted and fun. Thanks to the great judging and commentary by Yamaguchi-sensei, it made everything just so much more fun and funny.

I'm looking forward to the tournament next Sunday. Win or lose, it will be packed full of emotion, elation and entertainment.