2011 Mugen-Kai Karate Exhibition

Coming October 10th will be the 2011 Mugen Karate Exhibition held in Nippon-seinenkan. It is wonderful participating in these no competitive events. Everyone practices so hard together and with that they learn so much, probably more than they realize. This time round we will see some new really interesting performance with adults and kids performing kata, kihon, board breaking, nunchaku and other exciting performances. It is great to see both adults and kids getting together to work as a team. There is so much support and bonding happening, you really do appreciate the open hearted spirit that Mugen-kai creates, I am definitely proud to be apart of it.

Good luck to everyone participating this year. I am sure it is going to be another successful event with breath taking and emotional performances, but above all it will be another warm and wonderful gathering of friends and family.


2011 Mugen-Kai Karate Exhibtion Details:

Date:                    October 10th
Time:                   12:00 - 15:00
                            (Doors open from 10:00am - please be as early as
                             possible to be ready)
Location:              Nippon-seinenkan
Address:              Kasumigaoka Machi 7-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Map/Directions:    http://www.nippon-seinenkan.or.jp/hotel/languages/english/access/access.htm