Disaster Message

This is a time where we all need to strong and work together. There are so many people who may need our assistance. We have to give where we can give and comfort when we can comfort. I know the Mugen community is such a giving and supportive community. Please do whatever you can do to help those that are in need. We are all strong fighters and now is the time for us to fight the hardest. Please do the obvious by donating money, not wasting power and asking others if they need help.  Please be at anyone's assistance when needed. The real work starts from now but I am sure we can pull through this if we work together. Please reach out and do whatever you can as every little effort can count so much.

For those who do need help please contact Yamaguchi-sensei directly so we can try to organize assistance as soon as possible. We will also be able to provide support for non-Japanese speaking members so please just contact Mugen Karate on the main number 03-5856-5575 anytime.

Take care and give care,