We all win...

It was yet another spectacular Mugen Tournament. This time at the Shidax hall with such a large space it made the event just more exciting. Again there were many great moments. What I loved the most was seeing the kids trying so hard and working as a team. Same for the adults, such comradery, support and laughter, it really made such a wonderful day for competitors and spectators.

My top moments:
- Hearing Adeta say to his mother  "I lost but got 4 points!"
- Mateo saying "I will try harder next time. I will join my dad in Sunday's class for the second hour training".
- Seeing Taka-sensei's inspirational smile when leading the shonen class Kihon.
- Watching Angelo compete in such gentleman fashion.
- To see Yamaguchi-sensei judge all matches hopping on his broken foot!

Thank you Yamaguchi-sensei again for organizing yet another wonderful event.
Everyone tried so hard today, to me we all leave as winners.