Twenty Eleven

Looks like Yamaguchi-sensei has organized some exciting events for this year. I am really looking forward to them and hope too will try to participate in as many of them as possible.

First class of the year at the Azabu Juban Dojo will be this Friday (1/7th). Looks like the primarily focus will be for company workers and the like. Good time to get rid off some of that office sweat, good time to have a good laugh and just have a great time.

Also coming up on the weekend of Jan 22 and 23 will be the Mugen-kai training camp in Naka-izu Winery Hills. It will be a one night stay with many activities. Anyone wanting to go please confirm by mail to Yamaguchi-sensei by Jan 10th. The place looks great

Here is the list of all events for 2011:

Jan 15 -  Woman Free Trial Lesson 4-5pm (Kuromae Dojo)
Jan16 - Woman Free Trial Lesson 12-1pm(Azabu Juban Dojo)
Jan 22/23 Mugen-kai Training camp
Feb 27 - Team event tournament
Mar 26/27 - Mugen-kai Kids Training camp 
April 24 - Grading day (Kuramae Dojo)
May 21 - Kids Grading day (Hiroo & Azabu-Juban)
Jun 26 - Mugen Tournament and Mugen's 5th year Aniversary party 
July 9/10 - Mugen-kai Kids Training Camp
Aug 7 - Adult's Grading day (Kuramae Dojo)
Sep 17/18 - Mugen-kai Kids Training camp
Oct 10 - Mugen-kai Exihibition
Nov 5 - Kids Grading (Kuramae & Akihabara Dojo)
Nov 12 - Kids Grading day (Azabu-Juban & Hiroo Dojo)
Nov 27 - Mugen-kai Tournament
Dec 18 - Adults Grading day (Azabu-juban Dojo)

Wishing you all a fantastic Rabit year!