Jan 14 - A real photographer

For Friday's kids class we had the pleasure of having a real photographer for a magazine called 'Sesame'. I think this is the kids fashion magazine affiliated with Asahi publications but we will find out at a later date.  With almost 30 kids turning up for practice this time, I am sure we will have great photos for the Mugen Karate coverage in the magazine. It was a very hot session and reminded me of summer training. No complaints, better hot than cold anytime of the year especially when training!

2011 Mugen Karate Events 

Jan16 - Woman Free Trial Lesson 12-1pm(Azabu Juban)

Jan 22/23 - Mugen kai Training camp (Naka-Izu)
Feb 27 - Team event tournament
Mar 26/27 - Mugen-kai Kids Training camp 
April 24 - Grading day (Kuramae )
May 21 - Kids Grading day (Hiroo & Azabu-Juban)
Jun 26 - Mugen Tournament and Mugen's 5th year Aniversary party 
July 9/10 - Mugen-kai Kids Training Camp
Aug 7 - Adult's Grading day (Kuramae)
Sep 17/18 - Mugen-kai Kids Training camp
Oct 10 - Mugen-kai Exihibition
Nov 5 - Kids Grading (Kuramae & Akihabara)
Nov 12 - Kids Grading day (Azabu-Juban & Hiroo)
Nov 27 - Mugen-kai Tournament
Dec 18 - Adults Grading day (Azabu-juban)