November 4 - Fighters Club #5 (The Hammer Punch)

Tonight was Fighter's Club #5 and it was yet another special session.The usual warm up kihon was in place as with the drills but after that we were straight into sparing. Yamaguchi-sensei lined himself up with Yoko-san, Hane-san, Teimo-san to fight 10 rounds with each of us. That was extremely exhausting even for people who could rest between rounds. After 10 rounds we had the regular match sparing and it was very noticeable tonight how everyone has improved.

Tonight the lime light is on Aki-san who came up with a new style punching technique which I am going to call "The Hammer Punch". It's like a chop with closed fist so when performed it looks like you are using a hammer. Some of us including myself volunteered to feel how painful it was. To be hit on the arm after class had finished was a bad idea! Great effort by Aki-san though for thinking of something new and applying it.

Though Fighters Club was intense and we were all pushed hard, there were no injuries. Many stayed back just to talk, laugh, give/take advice. Mugen Karate I can say is truly a place of good spirits and comradery.