November 11 - Fighters Club #6

Fighters Club tonight was focused on sparing - and only that! We all did 25 rounds of around 50 -53 seconds of sparing non stop. Then we spent the last 30 minutes doing match sparing. Hard work indeed but Yamaguchi-sensei lead us through a very physical yet safe practice session, it was excellent and much needed. At the end we also had time to work on a few low kick techniques and that was interesting. Aki-san and Miocchi yet again trying to see how much it hurts by kicking each others thighs. I think it was more painful to watch!


Mugen Karate Tournament
December 5th will be the next Mugen Karate Tournament in the Tsukishima Sports Plaza. The event will be held from 1:15 to 5pm. Kids will compete individually (by their age group and size) while adults will compete in teams decided by Yamaguchi-sensei. Entry fee is 5000 yen and applications will close on November 20th so please make sure to apply when you next visit a Mugen branch. Promised to be another fun and safe event for all!

Tsukishima Sports Plaza is located in Chuo Ward, Tsukishima 1-9-2. Approximately one minute walk from Yurakucho Station, exit 7 (Yurakucho Line or Oedo Line) -> Map