October 31 - Sunday Session


Today's Sunday session was again a mix of kids, parents and the regular students. We had visitor Matt (USA) who wanted to try out the Mugen style. Though having many years of training in Karate and Brazilian Jiujitsu, Matt had had a great experience in both the beginner's and advanced classes today. 

Matt vs Yamaguchi-sensei

Miku - High round house

Yamaguchi-sensei made all the kids spar with the adults many times. It was good for them to experience fighting against others more advanced and much bigger than them. Mugen Karate is more about technique and spirit than being simply being bigger and stronger.

Taiki - Left round house

Yume-san vs Hane-san

Issei  - Axe Kick

It was nice to have Yamaguchi-sensei allow the kids to practice with the adults again. This is something you do not see in other karate dojos. This makes Mugen such a special place to be. Where most parents would be on the sideline watching their kids compete, Mugenryu promotes participation, communication and bonding between adults and children.